Free standing bath tub installation method

There are various types of bathtubs, free standing bath tub are one of them.So how do you install a free standing bath tub?

Free standing bath tub installation method

1, Freestanding bathtubs do not need to build a platform, or even a skirt.Its unique effect, sought after by avant-garde hipsters.

Therefore, the price is naturally not expensive.In the market more than thousands of dollars .

Not including the resulting requirements for the bathroom area, the purchase of related products.

free standing bath tub

free standing bath tub

2,In the purchase of bathtubs, determine the material they want is very critical.

The purchase can be used to touch the surface of the bathtub, the more delicate feel the better. Knock the bathtub to feel the thickness of the bathtub.

Try to be able to test the water to identify the noise and insulation.The current bathtub material mainly artificial stone, cast iron, steel, acrylic, glass, etc.

Different materials and its independent bathtub performance varies.

It is recommended that in the purchase.It is recommended to have a simple understanding of the various bathtub materials before purchasing.

free standing bath tub

free standing bath tub

3, In the selection of independent bathtub.Not just according to their own preferences to buy.

Independent bathtub shape is the most basic requirement is to be able to support the back.

Support the height to be enough, the head and neck should also be able to provide gentle support.

4, Due to the independent bathtub its style is diverse.It can match with all the decorative style of the bathroom space.

So in the selection of independent bathtub, must be carefully selected for its style and shape.

As far as possible to match with their own bathroom space decorative decoration.So as to reflect the coordination and unity of the bathroom space decoration.

Free standing bath tub installation precautions

1, The first need to consider the bathroom and the surrounding environment.

According to the lighting, ventilation, wall and floor colour and other factors.To determine the placement of the bathtub.

It is necessary to note that the freestanding bathtub is the visual core of the bathroom.

Match the effect with other facilities and colours in the bathroom.So its installation location must be determined.

free standing bath tub

free standing bath tub

2, Second, need to consider the bathtub inlet and outlet.

The installation of the bathtub before the need to consider the required inlet and outlet or channel.When installation, need to be close to the wall.At least 20cm-30cm.To provide more than two square meters of use area.

3, Freestanding bathtub installation is more easy.

The bottom as long as the connection with the drain, the upper part of the connection with the inlet pipe can be.

Due to its bottom support four corners higher, cleaning is also more convenient.

free standing bath tub

free standing bath tub

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