How to choose bathroom bathtub

Bathroom is an important place in life, bathroom bathtub can be very convenient for our life.So do you know how to choose bathroom bathtub?

A, style and material

1, In addition to the traditional bathtub, many people choose massage bathtub, freestanding bathtub and so on. Massage bathtub is divided into whirlpool, bubble type, whirlpool bubble combination.Should be clear when buying its different characteristics.And finally comprehensive performance, preferences and other comprehensive choice.

bathroom bathtub

bathroom bathtub

2, The bathtub of the main acrylic, artificial stone, cast iron material as the mainstream products. Among them, the highest level of artificial stone bathtub, cast iron is the second.Acrylic as the absolute mainstream of the past bathtub, gradually eliminated from the market state.

 3, The bathtub material is good or bad is mainly to see whether the appearance of finish.Hand touch is lubricated. Especially steel plate and cast iron bathtub.If the enamel plating is not good, the appearance will show fine ripples.So the purchase must pay attention to the details of identification.

4, The material is good or bad and the thickness of the final quality of the bathtub.Visual inspection is not visible. Generally used to identify the method is to try by hand or foot, to see if there is a sinking feeling.If so, it means that the hardness still needs to improve the space. If not, the hardness can be.


B,the size and shape

1, The size of the bathtub to choose according to the size of the bath to confirm.

2, The same volume size of the bathtub, its depth, width, length has a variable different.Other variables are not the same, while the waste outlet will also be set differently. For example, choose the bathtub with deeper water, the orientation of waste outlet should be relatively high.

3, Buy a free standing bathtub with a skirt, the purchase must pay attention to the direction of the water outlet,.And the orientation of the wall and the skirt, to avoid buying the wrong product.

4, If the bathtub to add shower nozzle, bathtub try to pick a little wider.Shower orientation below the part of the bathtub to flat, and should be anti-slip treatment.

bathroom bathtub

bathroom bathtub


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