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  • Wolkesieben is a superior German sanitary ware brand registered by German company Luxus Baddesign GmbH, also an international brand that registers and sells in America, Canada, Switzerland and other dozens of countries and regions.
  • Wolksieben has begun its global market strategy, market places spread in three main areas:
  1. Setting up design and marketing center in German, products are sold to European countries.(Wholly-owned company)
  2. Setting up marketing and warehousing center in California, America, products are sold to market of whole north America.(Joint venture company)
  3. Setting up producing and marketing center in Foshan, Guangdong, China, products are mainly sold to Asian and African countries.( Wholly-owned company)



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 Home, school, villa, shopping mall, hotel, homestay, public place

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Better and more professional solutions based on cost and production process.Our products are guaranteed for 5 years

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