Solid surface bathtub routine maintenance

The solid surface bathtub is the first choice in most family, but do you know how to care for it?Come and learn together.

1. When the solid surface bathtub is in use

There will inevitably be some stains on the surface of the bathtub. When cleaning, it is recommended to use a sponge or flannel and a mild detergent without granular objects. Don’t use wire balls, wire brushes or abrasive sponges, as they can scratch the surface of the product.

solid surface bathtub

solid surface bathtub

2.To facilitate your cleaning of the bathroom bath

We recommend that you clean the product surface residues after bathing. Such as soap, shaving and water stains resulting from rinsing and cleaning with cloths and sponges.To avoid stains remaining on the surface for too long and causing difficulties such as not being easily cleaned.

3. For stubborn stains, light scratches, etc..

Clean the entire surface with a more concentrated cleaner. Before cleaning the product, use a damp sponge to scrub in a circular motion over the surface. Clean the entire surface using a more damp sponge in a circular motion. Cleaning the product with detergent may change the gloss of the product afterwards and the surface of the product will be less shiny. Please pay special attention to glossy products.

4. The overflow and bouncing water parts of the decorative products require as much care as jewellery and should be washed with warm water and dried with a soft cloth.
solid surface bathtub

solid surface bathtub

5. Wash the bathtub regularly every week.

And the bouncing water should be cleaned once or twice a week to remove the smell and prevent the growth of bacteria. If the bathtub is clogged, you can put an appropriate amount of tap water in the bathtub first. Place the rubber attractor (for unblocking the toilet) on the de-watering valve.While opening the de-watering valve, smother the overflow hole of the bathtub.And then attract up quickly and down to suck out the dirt or hair and clean it out in time. In the case of more serious clogging, you can repeat several times until the unclogging is clean.

6. Don’t move the freestanding tub privately when it is installed.

If you need to move the position, you must contact a professional. Don’t use hard objects to knock or hit the surface, causing bruises or scratches. If you need to repair dull or scratched parts, wipe hard with a clean rag mixed with a colourless automatic polishing solution and then apply a layer of colourless protective wax. Don’t wax the landing area to prevent slipping.

solid surface bathtub

solid surface bathtub

7. Never place a burning cigarette on the surface of the bath as this will leave a burning scar.

It is strictly forbidden to place light bulbs, open flames in the bath as this may cause surface breakage.


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