Modern bathroom space design tips

The bathroom is an integral part of every home and is used with great frequency on a daily basis, so how should modern bathroom be designed?

The design of the bathroom, from the size of the layout of the space to a small floor drain set to give more consideration. And want to create a high quality and comfortable bathroom, there are also a lot of tips.We will give you a few tips in the bathroom design it today.

1. Functional layout

Have you ever encountered a situation where the whole bathroom is full of water after a shower at home. Or in the morning at work, you have to wash the bathroom but someone is using the toilet. This problem may be that your bathroom is not designed properly.

Layout is the top priority of bathroom design, unreasonable design will bring a lot of unnecessary trouble to the later home life. And the most common and applicable layout of the bathroom is the wet and dry separation.

modern bathroom cabinet

modern bathroom cabinet

When the bathroom space is too small or too many users.You can consider moving the bathroom cabinet outside, which is an upgraded version of the wet and dry layout. Wash and toilet areas do not interfere with each other.

Separating the wet from the dry in the bathroom can prevent splashing into other areas.Making it safer and also reducing the breeding of bacteria.Making it easier to clean on a daily basis and many other advantages.

2. Colour choice

Faced with an increasing number of options, how should you choose the colour of your bathroom in your home? Of course, if you have a good bathroom layout space, then according to preference can be.But if it is a small space, then how to match the colour to make the space is not cramped?

First of all, a lot of white can make the bathroom look more spacious, the toilet and sink in the bathroom are basically white.You can match the white tiles to make the space with a sense of continuity, more permeable and spacious. It is also possible to use different elements, such as tiles of the same colour but with different textures, which can make the space more detailed.

modern bathroom cabinet

modern bathroom cabinet

Apart from white, of course, the same colour scheme can also create a sense of spaciousness.

Choosing tiles of the same colour for the walls and floors will not create a sense of visual fragmentation and thus reduce the sense of space.But dark colours are not a good choice in small spaces and are more likely to look depressing. By the way, a large mirror is also a good tool to make the space look bigger.

3. Storage

In the small bathroom can not set up special storage cabinets, storage is generally the bathroom cabinet. Bathroom storage cabinet in the bathroom, combined with the use of mirror cabinet for bathroom, can meet the basic storage needs.

modern bathroom cabinet

modern bathroom cabinet

Due to the small size of the original space, it is necessary to oversize and make full use of the space on the façade. The space above the toilet is used rationally, and the niche is set up, not only for storage, but also to add visual depth.

4. Lighting

Is your bathroom just a miserable white ceiling light overhead? Not only does it lack any ambience, but it is also not that easy to use in practice. A well-lit bathroom is richly illuminated, creating style and atmosphere, and to a certain extent avoiding some of the shadows and making the space look bright.

modern bathroom cabinet

modern bathroom cabinet

Hidden light strips are set up to not only illuminate but also add a sense of interest to the space. Mirror lights also allow you to avoid shadows when looking in the mirror for a better living experience.

Of course, it is not enough to consider the above points alone for the design of a bathroom. Follow us and make a better modern bathroom design.

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