Installation of washing sink taps

The bathroom is a very important space in our life. Faucets are necessary for every family, do you know how to install washing sink taps?

Washing sink taps installation tools

1, Spanner, pliers, buy a new faucet, hose, rubber washers and so on.

2,Turn off the main water gate.Then take out the active spanner or pliers to remove the old or bad faucet according to the counterclockwise direction of rotation.

washing sink

washing sink

3,Don’t rush to put the new faucet on.First, take the water to clean up the mud, sand, magazines and debris in the water pipe.

4,The use of raw material in the threads of the faucet towards the clockwise direction wrapped on a few turns can effectively prevent the faucet leakage.

5, The new faucet bought in accordance with the clockwise direction screwed in the water pipe joints on it, remember to tighten the point to prevent leakage.

How to install the washing sink faucet

1, Remove the basin faucet, check that all the accessories are complete.

Be sure to remove the dirt around the installation hole and in the water supply pipe before installation to ensure that there are no impurities in the basin faucet inlet pipeline.

To protect the surface of the mixer from being scratched, it is recommended to wear gloves for installation.

washing sink

washing sink

2. Remove the rubber washer from the basin mixer, the washer is used to relieve the pressure on the metal surface of the mixer in contact with the basin and to protect the ceramic basin. Then insert an inlet pipe and
screw it in tightly.

3, Put the threaded fitting through the first inlet hose and then put the inlet end of the second inlet hose through the threaded fitting.

4, Screw the second inlet hose into the inlet port, taking care to orientate it correctly and apply a balanced force, then screw the threaded fitting tightly.

washing sink

washing sink

5、Thread the two water inlet hoses into the white rubber gasket.

6、Sleeve the locking nut to secure the mixer.

7, Then just tighten the sleeve.

8、Lock the two inlet hoses and the angle valve interface respectively, do not twist the plate with the full force of a pipe wrench to prevent deformation or even twisting off.

Pay attention to the connection of hot and cold water. Use the other end of the inlet pipe to connect the outlet angle valve.

washing sink

washing sink

After reading the above, I’m sure you’ve all learnt it. I hope this article can help you. You can also visit the website to subscribe to more content and information.

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