Free standing sink of bathroom

Free standing sink is a porcelain basin used for washing faces and hands in the bathroom.Let’s learn more about free standing sink.

Materials of free standing sink

The avant-garde needs a washbasin that is distinctive from its design to the materials used.

In addition to style and price, there are many ways to choose a washbasin.

free standing sink

free standing sink

The material of the washbasin on the market has become colourful with people’s individual requirements.

But ceramic products are still the main, preferred choice.
Therefore, for this type of washbasin, ceramic glaze is very important.
The glaze will be directly related to the quality of the product.

A smooth glaze is not only stain resistant and easier to clean.But also has stronger antibacterial properties.
When selecting, you can look carefully at the surface of the product under strong light.In order to no sand eyes, pitting, glaze smooth, delicate, flat as good.

free standing sink

free standing sink

In addition, the water absorption rate is also an important basis for the quality of ceramic washbasin.

The lower the water absorption rate of the product the better the quality, the better the glaze glaze, relatively speaking, the lower its water absorption rate.

Types of free standing sink

The free standing sink is also slightly designed to give a refreshing feeling, with the gravel surface enhancing the rugged atmosphere of the space.
The ceramic washbasins used in bathrooms are mainly divided into pedestal basins and pillar basins.
Generally speaking most of the pillar basins are very simple in design, as the drainage components can be hidden in the pillar basin’s column.

free standing sink

free standing sink

Thus giving a clean, tidy look and feel, and, when washing hands, the human body can naturally stand in front of the basin, thus making it easier and more comfortable to use.
The pedestal basin is more suitable for installation in larger bathrooms.

It can be made of natural stone or artificial stone countertop with its use.

But also in the countertop under the custom bathroom cabinets, loaded with bathroom supplies, beautiful and practical.


How to install a free standing sink


The general method of installing a basin is to first place the basin downpipe on the basin.Then place the mixer and hose.

Next, place the porcelain pillar in the appropriate position and place the pillar carefully on it.

Taking care that the downpipe is inserted right into the original floor where the downpipe was left.

Then connect the upper hose to the upper water outlet.

Finally, apply the glass glue along the edge of the basin.

free standing sink

free standing sink

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